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Can I get a specific area code?

Of course! we allow numbers to be purchased in most US area codes if available. Proceed with creating a new Mask and it will ask for the specific area code. This is not available for the trial number.

What is the current pricing?

Currently we do not have pricing listed on our website. You may view current pricing in our mobile app. From the main screen, touch the "Credits" on the bottom right which should display our current credit packages. These credit packages can be used to purchase new masks or extend existing ones.

What happens when I change my mobile number?

After changing your number, please open a ticket with our support team. We will get your account moved over to use your new mobile number. You will experience a short calling downtime during the move.

I've uninstalled but still receiving calls to the mask numbers

If any masks were still active when uninstalling our application it is possible that calls will still reach your mobile phone. Make sure to delete any active numbers before uninstalling if you are not going to reinstall.